Monday, August 25, 2008

Tall Ships Come To Town

The Tall Ships are on the loose! They started out in Canada and their final port of call is here in San Diego, where they arrived last week (August 20th). I really don't know much about it, other than the fact that we forgot to watch them parade into the bay... but we did get a chance to cruise around in our dinghy and get some close-up pics (although you'd never know it because I had to zoom way out in order to get the huge boats into my viewfinder!) They've been intermittently cruising around the bay shooting mock cannons and causing quite a ruckus for the past few days. Fun for the whole family! Here are some pics (with some shoddy info I picked up off the internet!):

This shot (and the one above) are of the American Pride

The next two pics are the Spirit of Dana Point (181 feet)

These two are of the HMS Bounty... Not the original, but a replica built for the 1962 Mutiny on the Bounty movie

These are a couple of pics of boats that I have no info on (actually I believe the bottom pic is not tall ships at all but a couple of racing sloops! but if i never told you that you might never know it, huh!?)

This is San Diego's resident Tall Ship, Star of India (she still sails- once a year)

This is the Coast Guard's Tall Ship, Eagle

This last one I don't know about either, but it sure is purty!

Ben and I are still trying to figure out a sloop. Maybe in a few years we'll know what to do with all the extra sails! Hehe

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  1. Awesome Pics Sam!!! I'm dating a pretty cool chick now so we have to coordinate a time real soon to come out there for real!!!